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About Us


RBD Press Brake Dies offers you the ultimate in high quality. Made only of premium quality steel, they are manufactured with the latest of modern equipment, and to standards far higher than normally required in the industry. This emphasis on Quality is your assurance that Riteway Brake Dies will give you the maximum on-the-job performance, and outlast competitively priced press brake dies.

Superior Quality 

Giant Roller

Special Dura-Tuf Alloy Steel 

Our steel press brake dies are made of high quality chrome-carbon die steel, heat treated to a mean of 280 Brinnel (31 Rockwell "C") throughout. With high compressive strengths and wear characteristics, these prehardened dies can be remachined without annealing before machining and there is no need for hardening afterwards.

Tall punch for press brake dies

For Press Brake Dies - Exclusively!

The RBD Plant was designed and built specifically to produce only ONE PRODUCT... Press Brake Dies! It's 20,000 square feet of manufacturing area is devoted entirely to specialized equipment and processes for the production of superior forming dies.

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