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Hemming Dies

Revolutionary Hemming System

"The Hem Pro"

In the past, hemming die sets have been spring loaded. The first operation makes an acute 30 degree bend, the second operation closes the hem in a gap in front of the tool set.  Bending angles other than 30 degrees is impossible with conventional die sets because the lower die "floats" on springs.  Air bending on this unstable surface gives inconsistent results. 

The new "HEM PRO" system utilizes air cylinders to open the gap in front of the tools when a hem is needed.  The air cylinders can be closed with a foot switch at any time to allow the die to rest on a flat surface.  This enables the tooling to be used for air bending like standard acute angle tooling.  With the use of a programmable ram depth press brake, Riteway's system can be used to hem and form any angle between 30 and 179 degrees in a single part handling.

Hemmind Die Set 114. Riteway Brake Dies. Press Brake Dies
Hemming Die Set 115. Riteway Brake Dies. Press Brake Dies

Die set #114 is a three high hemming die. It will produce an open or closed hem. 

Die #115 is used to form a standing seam in two operations.

Cam Action Hemming Die Set 1116. Riteway Brake Dies. Press Brake Dies

Die set #116 is used for high production in hemming wide sheets. Max hem length is 3/4". This die set is recommended for 20 ga. and lighter. Capacity can be increased to 18 ga. by extending the anvil and adding adjustable angle to the lower section. 

Formed material from hemming die
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