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For Standard Tooling 

  • Catalog number

  • Die opening 

  • Gauge of stock being formed 

  • Length required 

  • Special finishing, if required 

  • Surface hardening, if required 

For Special Tooling 

  • Submit drawing or sample of finished part 

  • Specify gauge and type of material to be formed 

  • State anticipated production requirement 

  • Give model, capacity, make, die space, stroke, and ram adjustment of press brake to be used 

  • Advise if any special adapters or filler blocks are available 

Offset Die Set. Press Brake Dies

General Information 

We Feature 

  • A complete line of single and multiple-bend forming dies; both standard and special 

  • Off-the-shelf delivery of many standard press brake dies in various lengths 

  • Thorough trying and testing of special dies prior to delivery  

  • Complete die re-conditioning service

  • Free consulting service by leading press brake die engineers 

Standard Tongue Dimensions 

Normally 1/2" wide x 5/8" deep tongues are finished to fit most average type press brakes. 

Hook Tongue or Safety Tongue 

Where punch is to be segmented (i.e., as in box forming, or where weight or stripping pressure can cause punch to leave ram slot) we recommend the addition of a tongue with a standard type safety tip. 

Flame Hardening

Where extra durability or wear life is needed, such as maintenance of radii or wear surfaces we can supply flame hardened dies at extra cost.

Die Finish 

While every effort is made to provide good surface finish on each Riteway die, we suggest that when forming materials requiring a minimum of marking that they be supplied with a superfine polished finish of approximately 10 micro-inch for which there is a nominal extra charge. 

Die Reconditioning

Reworking or resurfacing of existing dies is available at nominal cost. Special consideration is given to completion of this type of work, but we do suggest contacting us to arrange timing of die return to ensure minimum delay. 

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