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Bed Deflection Compensators

The convenience and time saving features built into the Riteway Press Bed Deflection Adjustable Height Filler Compensator offers increased profits on press brake tooling set ups.  

Shimming dies to get true consistent bends is no longer necessary.  This problem is solved by the Press Bed Deflection Compensator.  This compensator uses a series of wedges under a floating upper holder.  The wedges are adjusted by a turn of a screw to give a maximum crown of .100. 

Press Bed Deflection.JPG


  • Eliminates costly time consuming die shimming. 

  • Improves product  quality and forming repeatability.  Old fashioned paper shims which tend to disintegrate and metal shims which may work out from under the dies are no longer required.

  • Shortens set up time.  Simple turning of a standard 15/16 hex nut provides proper height adjustment.  

  • Increases daily production.  Total cycle time may be reduced up to 30% when running small lots of 10 to 30 pieces.  Tests show tooling set up can be completed in approximately 1/10th the time of conventional shimming method.  Converts set up time into production time.

  • Height is fully adjustable, up to .100. Adjustments can be made from front & rear of machine.  Accommodates dies with 1/2" wide tongues.  Can be made up to 20' length.  Unit shown is flat top design.  Can also be made to accommodate 4-way dies.

How to use

  • To set this device up you must first "zero out" the adapter.  Turn each of the 15/16 hex nuts clockwise until no further adjustment can be made.  You may now turn the crews counter clockwise to create a crown.  One complete revolution counter clockwise will create a .010 rise of that wedge.  

  • E.G. If a .040 crown is needed, starting in the center of the adaptor turn both 15/16 hex nuts four complete turns counter clockwise.  This will raise the center .040. Moving left & right from center repeat the above step while decreasing the amount of revolutions, until no adjustment is made on the ends. 

  • There are 2 set screws on either side of the 15/16 hex head nuts.  After setting the amount of crown needed you must snug up the set screws into the wedges.  This will prevent any changes from happening while in production runs.  Repeat this in each area of the tool.  

  • ​Multi-station operations are also possible by using the wedges to compensate for slight variations in shut height and/or tonnage requirements.  

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