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Tonnage Requirements

Safety Warning

Press Brake Multiple Bend Allowances 
Rule of Thumb

We do all we can to supply dies that will produce material that fits specification.  Since we have no control over how the dies are actually put to use, it must be understood that it is the user who has the responsibility of making certain that a proper application with due regard to safety in operation is followed.  Safety and industrial standards must be considered to insure that point of operation protection is effective.  
Our dies are never intended to be used in equipment without a means provided for preventing hands or other parts of the body from entering or remaining in the die space at any time.  
When using brake die tooling compliance with all safety requirements as outlined by the American National Standards Institute Bulletin A.N.S.I. #B11-3 as well as all other local, state, and federal standards which may apply, should be adhered to.  
A copy of ANSI #B11-3 may be obtained from American National Standards Institute Inc. at 1430 Broadway, N.Y., N.Y. 10018. 

Formula for making multiple bends on press brake. For shape as shown, in mild steel with radii equal the metal thickness unless otherwise noted.  

Shape Allowances Chart. Riteway Brake Dies. Press Brake Dies
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