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Channel Forming Dies

108 Channel Forming Die. Riteway Brake Dies. Press Brake Dies

Die set #108 forms four square bends in one stroke. Spring pad in die keeps web flat. Release wedges in punch and die permit easy removal of part. 

Set 106.JPG

Die set #106 can be used to form flat bottomed channels in one stroke. Stripping is assured with release wedges and hook strippers. 

For channels with web over 3/4", set #107 is recommended. Both punch and die have release wedges for quick removal of part. 

Set 107.JPG
Set 109.JPG

By tapering the side of a hat channel, pressure is greatly reduced. Pressure pad assures greater accuracy and also serves to eject the part. 

Rocker Channel & Rocker Dies can serve a similar function to our Channel Dies.

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